What We Do

Reinventing Design

For more than 7 years, inventors and entrepreneurs have relied on us to design, create and develop innovative products that enhance their brand and grow their business. We are an engineering firm that focuses on turning ideas into actual prototypes for serial production, using cutting-edge technology tools.


We design, draft, and prototype, your product concept while adhering to engineering standards and manufacturing feasibility. Our pragmatic approach involves virtual machine assembly before prototyping, leveraging various materials, modeling techniques, and production methodologies. We also support manufacturing and prototyping, ensuring your design intent translates seamlessly into the final product.


We create production-ready, fully integrated design solutions optimized for efficiency. Our services encompass 3D modeling, fabrication drawings, reverse engineering, customer modeling, design copying, and restoration. Whether your business aims for virtual, low-overhead operations or requires support for job production, batch production, or flow production processes, we've got you covered.


Bring your ideas to Life. Our exceptional Rendering Studio produces realistic rendering effects for your products and industrial animations. Our high-quality 3D renderings serve as a powerful tool for showcasing photorealistic outputs to potential clients before commencing projects. With us, you can transform hand-sketched drawings and ideas into immersive virtual experiences.


Geotechnical investigation results are important, from which design inputs are taken for constructing any building. We offer geotechnical engineering services such as bearing capacity analysis, foundation analysis, settlement analysis, slope stability analysis, and other related engineering analyses. Our strong technical capabilities and optimized design cost, help Engineering Design firms, EPCs, and OEMs set up integrated Engineering facilities with cross-functional disciplines to provide reliable, stable, and consistent support.


The factory equipped for batch and bulk production meets challenging demands for productivity in the industry. The synergy between the designing and fabrication teams makes us unique among others. Craftsmen are well aware of the type of job given to them making their work as perfect as possible, and their field expertise and specialization finish the work within the time constraints. Constant teamwork between designers and fabricators improves the work facilitating cost-effective production.

We Partner With

We partner with small businesses, industry start-ups and OEM manufacturers, and help bring the best solutions to their requirements. Our partner ecosystem allows us to work with specialists, share experience and transfer knowledge, delivering the best results for our customers. If you would like to find out more about becoming a client, please reach out to us.


We started systematic collaboration with educational firms/students for graduation projects, and since then, we have collaborated with over 100 industrial partners for graduation and semester projects.

Start Ups

We help startups in the design and manufacturing stages of the development of their product design and development cycle, ensuring that the end product is market-ready & successful.


We have the in-depth knowledge, relevant technology and have the necessary infrastructure to support your project in the best possible manner while striving for balance between price and quality.




Engineering to automate processes with the application of control systems and technology.


A special Purpose Machine (SPM) is a machine engineered for a specific process or task.


Engineering durable structures, analysis for safety and stability, and constructing them.


Engineering packing machines and packages for product protection, branding, logistics, etc.


Engineering toward the advancement in medical technology improving patient care and treatment.

Hear from Our Clients

At Industra we always remember to thank our customers for their support, loyalty and their business. Recently while saying thank you, we have been asking them what it is about us that they like. “Service” and “Creativity” are two words that repeatedly comes up. Our clients know that they can get hold of our experts when they need them; we never miss quote deadlines; and our clients know that unlike many of our competitors we can offer creative design solutions and unrivalled consistency.