Our Approach

Intersection of digital and physical
strategy and brand

We understand that each client project is unique and has its own set of design and functional requirements. Knowing that one mould does not fit all; we take the necessary time/effort to research and analyse the client requirements in detail. This enables us to craft a customized design proposal that perfectly aligns with your design needs, budgets and timelines.

Our every interaction aims to solves our clients' hardest problems with a combination of world-class design and expert technological knowledge. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project


Our team connects with the client to generate a vast array of ideas and draw links between them to find potential solutions. We dive deep into understanding the needs of your brand, business, and consumers. This close collaboration with partners from the very beginning, discussing goals, visions, and tech ensure our alignment on the end outcome.


We create a rough sketch that shows the functionality, layout, and user experience of the proposed design. We use these wireframes after ideation or brainstorming to show our clients the potential direction a product or feature is going to take upon completion. This step helps to establish the design, functionality and experience foundations that the final product will take.


Archetypes bridges the gap between sketching and physical design thus enabling the client to interpret the end products, to understand their design and user experience better. We do this by leveraging cutting edge technology to enhance the design experiences, all while minimizing the risk of any failure and cost overruns.


A Prototype is a physical manifestation of the agreed idea or product concept. This step enables you to understand and identify any potential issues with initial designs and amend accordingly. Our in-house engineering team is well equipped to convert the final prototypes into production ready solutions offering support for batch production, continuous production or project-specific production needs.

Our Clients

A partnership you can trust ...


Our Mission is to blend innovation with design by continuously integrating new technologies to meet the evolving needs of our customers


Our Vison is to become a Recognized Leader in Product Development, OEM Support, Design, Culture, and Competitiveness


We aim to create client-centric experiences using team collaboration on innovation and adaptability to their needs

Our Strength

Businesses of various shapes and sizes have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality, and customer service. Industa has been successful in staing ahead of the game because we bring Ideation, Production, and Comprehensive Innovation all under a single roof.

We have extensive experience spanning a range of industries, from OEM to research entities, consumer electronics to packaging, and industrial automation. This very experience helps us deliver insights into contemporary product development, advanced technologies, and industry trends which is invaluable to the success of any product’s design. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our customers and serve as valuable partners in designing, optimizing, assembling, and delivering cutting edge products.

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